Book 8: Nature Of The Beast


Religion and politics become bedmates in this drama set in mid-Eighteenth Century South Carolina.

Contrast between the elegance of old Charles Town fostered by the might and power of England, against the dismal swamps that were given to settlers to drain, clear and till. The issue becomes who is the stronger. Conflict between Anglicans and the many and varied Dissenter faiths. Challenges that everyone faces in understanding the nature of the beasts that we all must face and conquer.

In the decades before the war with England, the Colonial begins to examine his allegiance to the Mother Country. Some citizens feel the need to throw off the yoke of England—by hook or crook. Intrigue, smuggling, manipulation, expansion, intimidation—all these are part of this exciting eighth installment in the Mockingbird Hill series. In the midst of it all are people—some already familiar to us from previous books and some new. They take the series into another adventure.

ISBN: 978-1-62137-823-5 (softcover); 978-1-62137-824-2 (eBook)

Published August March, 2016, by Publishing.

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