Book 4: The Time In Between

The_Time_In_Between_grandeThe start and finish; the beginning and the end; birth and death; it is not these that matter most. It is The Time In Between. In this, the fourth book in what has become the acclaimed Mockingbird Hill series, we meet old friends and new. We see a world that had been torn apart by civil war being burdened again through that evil. We see a love that is willing to let go rather than live in dishonor and to dishonor the love. We find brutality that gives birth to success. Again there is the power of love that transforms timidity into courage. And there is the ultimate tragedy that ushers in the power of redemption.

The Time In Between will take you from the Low-Country of South Carolina to the shores of England and back again. A host of new characters come to intermingle with our old friends of Mockingbird Hill in this exciting sequel. This book, as the others before it, is a stand-alone book; however, when you read it I am sure that you will wish to go to the first, Secret Sins of the Mothers, to meet our main characters, whom we have followed so faithfully.

ISBN: 978-1-60264-434-2 (softcover); 978-1-62137-213-4 (eBook)

Published August 2009, by Publishing.

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