Book 3: The Eighth Evil


In this third book in the Mockingbird Hill saga, the North and the South come together in battle again, although on a nominal scale. Anthony Parish, war weary Confederate soldier, returns home, his mind and heart set to rebuild his life on his beloved Low-Country plantation, Tally’s Nook, only to find it totally destroyed by fire. In Charleston, the Perry sisters, Yankee haters both, chose to flee their confiscated home rather than share a roof with Yankee invaders and conquerors.

These three converge on Mockingbird Hill plantation, already occupied by Margaret Grenville, her child and three loyal and devoted ex-slaves who refused to leave their homeland. The fireworks begin. The atmosphere becomes even more explosive when Charlie O’Donnell, Margaret’s father, returns to Mockingbird Hill with two Yankee ladies in tow. Anthony’s hands are already full with these pyrotechnics when he finds the Hardway orphans on his doorstep. What can he do but bring them in? He is faced with serving as peace keeper and provider to the menagerie of souls who call Mockingbird Hill their home, while he struggles to rebuild two war ravaged plantations.

In The Eighth Evil you meet love, hatred, anger, pride, sorrow and joy. You see how some character’s lives are made fuller and more beautiful when they overcome their negative attitudes, and you see how some are destroyed by clinging to useless prejudices and self-centered ways.

ISBN: 1-58939-899-8 (softcover); 978-1-62137-211-0 (eBook)

Published June 2006, by Publishing.

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