Book 1: Secret Sins of the Mothers

secretsinscoverRape, a double murder, and the effects that the actions of our ancestors have upon the lives of their descendants are the simple themes of this easy-to-read, classic tale of mystery and romance. Much of the action occurs in South Carolina during the Civil War, but the novel is primarily a story about people, not about war. The plot twists and turns, the characters shock and surprise us. We are transported from the Civil War era to modern times. The earlier part of the story revolves around Margaret, a poor young white girl, daughter of a half-breed Cherokee and his sullen, bitter-tempered wife. Margaret’s personal diary is found hidden in a secret compartment of an heirloom desk a full century later. The truth about her life–the hidden paternity of her heir and only male child–had lay hidden in these pages for decades. The discovery of these truths deeply impacts the lives of her living descendants in the late twentieth century. Margaret’s secret sins are exposed to her descendants. Now the family must cope with these terrible secrets. This is a book that you cannot put down until you reach the very end. Allow yourself a full evening before you begin to read the first few pages.

ISBN: 978-1-89297-703-8

Published September, 1999 by Ht Communications.

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